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Martin International has established a working relationship with the Bahamas, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Panama, and Vanuatu consulates to assist personnel who work on rigs and vessels that fly the flags of these countries.  U.S. licenses and documents can now be converted through Martin International.  Foreign nationals seeking original Bahamas, Liberia, the Marshall Islands, Panama, and Vanuatu licenses and documents may obtain these by taking our U. S. Coast Guard approved courses and then applying for the appropriate license through Martin International.

Martin International will complete the entire process quickly and efficiently. We handle the physical examinations, passport photographs, application paperwork, and all fees needed to obtain foreign licenses.

Many times this entire process takes place while the applicant is attending one of our training courses. This results in considerable savings for the sponsoring company in the form of reduced pay, travel, and lodging costs. The applicant obtains his Coast Guard license or document as well as his foreign license or booklet with no additional time spent while processing.

Foreign conversions are handled Monday through Friday at the individual's convenience.   Please contact Martin International to schedule an appointment and we will advise you what is required for your conversion process.

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